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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course

Upcoming Training Course:
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Location: Fremont Police Department
Tuition: $890
Upcoming Course: To be announced
Course Duration: 40 hours

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course

This course has been approved by the IABPA Education Committee and the IAI Bloodstain Pattern Examiner Certification Board, and certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (CA POST).


Students Should Bring:

Several Tyvek suits

Casual attire that you don't mind getting dirty

A digital camera with macro capabilities (optional)


Featured in the Crime Scene Photography, 3rd Edition Book by Elsevier, Inc. Publishing



Who would benefit from the BPA course?
This entry-level 40-hour course is designed for those investigating violent and bloody crimes scenes. The course covers all aspects of BPA from basic to advanced topics. Current techniques and technologies will be introduced. The class includes lectures on various aspects of BPA and a variety of hands-on laboratory experiments with real blood. The students will learn to identify various bloodstain patterns and understand the mechanisms and events that created them. Students will learn how to reconstruct and sequence events while remaining objective and using the scientific method. Students will learn about many topics, including courtroom testimony, pathology, DNA and the biology of blood, chemical searching for latent blood, math and physics relating to BPA, proper and practical documentation of a bloodied scene, and how to safely deal with blood-borne pathogens.


Why is the BPA course limited to 12 students?
Our belief is that a smaller class size provides for more individual attention and produce better training results. The lecturer(s) and assistant(s) will be more available to students than in a normal 24-student class. Our goal is to have students learn as much as possible and bring information back to their agencies that will assist in solving future cases.


Is this course POST-certified?
No. POST has suspended funding due to a budget deficit.


Are there any prerequisites for this course?
No. There are no prerequisites. This is an entry-level course, and no prior experience with BPA is required.


Hosting a Course

Hosting a course has several advantages to the agency. One benefit of hosting is that it eliminates the costs associated with travel and lodging for employees. Another benefit is that the hosting agency receives one free tuition if 10 students are registered (maximum class size of 12 students).

To host a course, we require that you provide a lecture room for digital media presentations. A large and clear area will also be needed for the laboratory experiments and practical exercises. A warehouse-type room usually works well for this purpose. The BPA course requires a location, such as a gun range, where a pistol can be fired safely. The lecturer(s) is a police officer who is familiar with firearms.

The responsibility of the hosting agency or organization is to assist in recruiting students for the course. We will provide a course brochure that can be distributed to nearby agencies. We will post the course on various websites in addition to it being listed on the California Peace Officer and Standards Training (POST) website. All travel and associated costs are the responsibility of Leuko-Sight Forensics and not the hosting agency. If you are interested in hosting a course, please complete the contact form.


Enrollment and Cancelation Policy
  • Payment for tuition secures enrollment in the course
    • A course interest email or other similar submissions does not guarantee enrollment
    • Checks and credit card payments must be received before the course start date or until the course is full
    • A confirmation email will be sent to the student or the employing agency that payment has been received and enrollment has been secured
  • An enrollee who does not show up to the course without prior notification and receipt of acknowledgement (a no-show) will forfeit the entire amount of the tuition
  • A full refund will be provided for cancelation greater than 14 days prior to the start of the course
    • A confirmation email of acknowledgment of cancelation will be sent to the enrollee before a refund will be granted
  • Cancelations within 14 days of the course's start date will result in a $200 fee
    • Substitutions are allowed at any time
  • A full refund will be issued in an emergency upon receipt of proper documentation to verify the claim
  • Please call (510) 325-2073 with any questions regarding the policy



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