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We provide thorough and objective bloodstain pattern analysis based on the scientific method. We are willing to testify in court if needed. Please complete the contact form for additional information regarding our consultation services, and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

How can bloodstain pattern analysts assist with your case?
Trained bloodstain pattern analysts examine bloodstain patterns and interpret the mechanisms that created them. Blood is a fluid that responds to the physical laws of science, such as inertia, cohesive force, centrifugal force, viscosity, air resistance, and gravity. Since blood follows these natural laws, we can conclude that various patterns were created by certain mechanisms which are reproducible with similar variables.

The bloodstain pattern analyst assists law enforcement with investigations by examining the bloodstains and patterns located within a scene.


The analyst may be able to determine the following:

  •   The area of origin for impact patterns
  •   The type of object or event that created the bloodstain pattern
  •   The location of a person or object during bloodshed
  •   The minimum number of blows a person received
  •   The angle at which the blood impacted a surface
  •   The direction in which a blood drop was traveling before impact
  •   A change in the speed of a bleeding person moving about a scene
  •   The movement of the involved parties during and after bloodshed
  •   The sequencing of events
  •   The general location of a person swinging a bloody object
  •   If a person swinging a bloodied object held it with a right or left hand
  •   If the patterns and stains support the testimonial evidence

The above list can assist with an investigation of what occurred. Along with reconstructing portions of the crime scene, the analyst identifies bloodstains to be collected for DNA analysis.



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